Essay based on the book – KIM by Rudyard Kipling. Kindle app can read Kim (Puffin Classics)

There are many themes in Rudyard Kipling’s novel, Kim; one important theme is the question of identity for the main character, Kimball O’Hara. Kim’s adventures and relationships with various people along his journey help to shape his identity, but ultimately, near the end of the novel, Kim is still wondering, “I am Kim. I am Kim. And what is Kim?” (412). The essay should focus on the following issues and include personal opinions about them. Support your points with references from the novel and personal examples/experiences as well. How much is Kim’s identity shaped by his ancestry/appearance? How does culture or environment affect Kim’s identity? What about his relationships? Which do you think is most impactful in creating a person’s sense of self? Can these variables clash with each other, making it difficult for some people to have a clear identity of themselves? **

*Suggestions about your (typed) Kim essay draft due Tues: The introduction should include a directed summary just like you did for the first essay. Be sure the summary includes the title of the novel, which should be in italics (not quotation marks) and the name of the author. This summary should not include too many specific details. There should be a thesis that identifies the different possible influences on identify (this is similar to how you identified Jared Diamond’s three factors). Argue which influence has the most impact (or do you believe that all of them contribute to one’s identity equally?) Each paragraph should address one of these variables and how it has impacted Kim’s identity. You should reference from the novel (either quotes or paraphrase events – include page number) to support your point and it is also possible to include personal example to strengthen your point. The conclusion should not simply summarize the essay; it should explain the importance/significance of the reader/us knowing that our identities are shaped by various

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