Environmental local event reflection paper

I’m trying to learn for my Management class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

In order to do this assignment I would need my writer to look up and do some research on a local environmental policy event that took place here in Miami or close by. the point of this assignment is to describe what I did and saw at the event what was the event about etc the entire assignment is about what the writer who attended the event saw and did its a reflection paper even though no one attended the event I’m sure there is enough information on the internet to make somethings up. The only thing I ask is that please please please make sure that it is local here to Miami Florida. and you don’t need to quote anything just write as if you were there thank you the max she’s asking for is 2 paragraphs. the following is her instructions if completed correctly I will tip my writer very well and give a good review. Attend local policy event and report on it to class through online discussion forum (10%). Students will select and attend a local environmental policy related event. After attending, students will post a description and reflection piece.

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