English Literature

English Literature Description English 185B, Fall 2018 Professor Wanlass Twentieth Century Fiction by Women FINAL PAPER TOPICS Due Date: Thursday, Dec. 6 (the last day of class) Length : 8 pages, typed and double-spaced Please write a well-developed, well-organized paper on one of the following topics–or on a topic of your own which I have approved. (If you are making only a modification, you do not need my approval.) Remember to cite passages from the works to support your points (with the page numbers in parentheses after the quotes). Also, you should cite at least three scholarly sources in the body of your paper, and you should include a Works Cited list at the end of your paper, following MLA rules. Remember, too, that your essay will be evaluated not only in terms of content and organization but also in terms of writing mechanics, so make sure that you edit it very carefully. Refer to the Checklist for Writing Essays. Also refer to my comments on your First Paper. Note that your paper counts 200 points–as it stands in place of a final exam–so it should reflect your very best work. Be sure to get an early start on your paper, and please come to see me if you would like to discuss your ideas or draft. Remember to provide a title page and to number and staple your pages. Remember that the title page does not count as one of your pages; your paper should be eight full pages of writing. Cultural differences play a significant role in both Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea and Tan’s The Joy Luck Club. Write an essay explaining the significance and effect of these cultural “clashes” in both novels. Cite passages for support.

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