Your report on the field experience must include a description of the assignment, your placement negotiations, your collaboration with school personnel and families, and details of your experience, including your assessments, involvement in implementation of the behavior strategies with the student, the family and teachers, the student’s response, your progress monitoring techniques, and the final progress report. You are strongly encouraged to use technology to design the progress monitoring reports and final progress report.  Your report should be no less than five pages and should include the following components identified as subheadings/tabs:


           Introduction – Description of the assignment; Need for the project, Your Goals and Objectives

           Placement Negotiations (school personnel, student, families)

           Functional Behavior Assessments

           Behavior Intervention Plan/Strategies Implemented (Discuss the strategies you used, why you chose them, and your approaches in working with the student, family and teachers)

           Student’s Responsiveness (how did the student respond, what changes/modifications, if any were incorporated)

           Progress Monitoring: Assessment criteria and tools (how did you measure and monitor student’s progress)

           Family’s Progress Report (Outcomes of the interventions)

           Reflections (Which standards did you meet in completing this field experience and how did you meet them; What lessons did you learn as a result of this experience, and what things could you have done differently).

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