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Describe a SPECIFIC OUTBREAK ( that has occurred within the last 50 YEARS; 1970 and up) and INCLUDE each of the following:

Name of the Disease

The countries involved. (The Specific Outbreak MUST cross International Waters; From Country A to Country B) .

The date/dates the outbreak was discovered on EACH country involved

The number of cases reported during the outbreak .


SPECIFIC to the disease outbreak that you have selected in Section B.

Why did the specific outbreak you mentioned in Section B occur?

What was the condition of the host? Or the patient?

Why was the host/patient allowed to travel despite harboring the virus?

Think of the patient/host vaccination status… Think of the weather during the patient/host travel..

The geographical location from the country where the host/patient started to the country of his/her destination..

Was the host/patient aware that he/she was already carrying the virus with him/her?

Were there any signs/symptoms of the disease as the host/patient was traveling? Etc…Etc..Etc..

4. : (This is a hypothetical scenario; A “WHAT IF” Situation)

Discuss how the outbreak can affect at a SYSTEMS LEVEL.

(This is the Outbreak of the Disease that you have selected in Section B).

Include information on how the outbreak would affect the schools, local government, businesses and hospitals.

Predict the effect of an outbreak on the FUNCTIONING of your city/county.

You will want to address additional things like hospital overflow, transportation issues, economic productivity, etc.

Assume the worst case scenario.? The evaluator is looking for a “logical discussion”.

What would be the effect on schools? Would they need to close? Would government offices need to close, etc.?

Would the hospitals have the staff to care for an outbreak?

Could they handle the individuals coming to the clinics or put others at risk?

Would it overburden the health system of the community, etc.?

5. :

As a Community Nurse; How will you report a protocol of an outbreak in your own Community following a Chain of Command?

Discuss in detail.

Who would you report a new case to? Who would they report it to?

What is your county’s reporting process? ?

Your state legislature should have laws for the reporting of communicable diseases when suspected or actual.

What does your Public Health Department, local and Louisiana, indicate for reporting communicable disease?


Articulation issues of the paper

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