Early childcare observation a child

I have to write 2 different types of paper APPENDIX B which is the interview section I have to fill it out thorougly and APPENDIX D is the reflection on my part.
Basically I observed this 4 year old boy who is in a VPK program and he is very smart and knows how to read, do basic add and subtract and overall smart, has great attitude towards school, great behavior and gets along with everybody
Basically I had to write down what I thought of my interview with the teacher and family.
Then I have to write a reflection paper which is APPENDIX D. Please Make sure like if you observed a 4 year old child at a daycare center ONLY.
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Appendix B: . Items in bold are to be your paragraph headers. Parent/Family Interviews Summary Paper Pseudonym for child (do not use real names). Indicate family member(s) interviewed. 2 paragraphs or more For each family member you interviewed, list and describe the relationship to the child, how often the person is in contact with the child, and other pertinent information describing the relationship. Raw notes 4 PARAGRAPHS or more In paragraph format, and for each interview time/setting, objectively and accurately note the information provided by the family member(s) about the child’s current abilities/skills, interest, likes/dislikes, emerging skills, and learning needs. Pertinent demographic information about child provided by the family one or more paragraphs Describe the child (age, educational setting, temperament, etc.) The remaining paragraphs should be your summary of the family member(s)’ description of the child as it relates to… Use language related to the five developmental domains. The child’s current abilities (ONE PARAGRAPH) The child’s emerging skills( ONE PARAGRAPH) The child’s interests, likes, and dislikes (ONE PARAGRAPH) The child’s learning/behavioral needs (ONE PARAGRAPH) Appendix D Observation/Interview Reflection Paper Write 1-2 paragraph(s) describing what you did particularly well. Write 1-2 paragraph(s) describing what you could have done better. Write 1-2 paragraph(s) describing steps that you can take to improve documentation of running notes/interviews.