Early Child Care Journal Assignment

For this assignment. There is an article attached under “Stress Profile Familes and Autism”. Bascially read the Journal and Follow the Example Outine I have also attached under “Example of Journal Article Review and Scoring” and answer the questions. This assignment should not be less than 2 pages or more than 2 pages. Professor wants exact 2 pages and answering each questions thorougly or else I will get points deducted. When writing this paper make sure the grammar is past tense because he will deduct points.
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Scoring Rubric and Outline: Title of article and author(s) – use APA style; provide full and accurate reference 5pts Stated purpose of investigation – this is the purpose of study – it is indicated in each article; rephrase – do not directly copy the purpose statement 15pts Research design – this refers to the subjects or participants, settings, procedures and data instruments/collection, and analysis that were involved 20pts Research findings – this is what the findings were – it could be statistical findings or qualitative findings; at least 3-4 significant findings must be highlighted; report both quantitative and qualitative findings 20pts Stated implications by investigator(s) – these are implications provided by the researcher(s) themselves; rephrase and highlight at least 3-4 significant implications 20pts Implications for professional practice – these are your own conclusions about changes in practice and system that may be necessary in your own professional work; must not repeat the investigator implications; provide high-order implications that go beyond low-order implications (e.g., “I will offer more resources to families”) 20pts Here is an example of what the Journal Article should look like. Critical Analysis of Literature Your name: John Quin Title of article and author(s): Bhagwanji, Y., Santos, M., & Fowler, S. (2002). Culturally and linguistically sensitive practices in motor skills intervention for young children. Champaign, IL: Early Childhood Institute. Stated purpose of investigation: The study examined the appropriateness or validity of the current state-of-the-art motor intervention practices for children from diverse backgrounds. Research design: The design was primarily qualitative as it was a review of the literature focusing on motor intervention strategies for children with motor delays or disabilities. Three bodies of literature were reviewed: (a) Handbook of Pediatric Physical Therapy (Cintas, 1995); (b) DEC…