Early Child Care Criterion-referenced Assessment Assignment

So I have attached my paper that I have done so far about Alisha the 3 year old under ” Administration and Interpretation project. I have to do the Criterion-reference section which I did add on to my paper so you can do. I have the Guidelines that needs to be followed EXACTLY the way it says.
I also have attatched the criterion-referenced Preschool I did to Alisha. Based on the test I took with her she Didn’t know the letters F,G,Z,J,Q,U,V,W. She knew all her numbers. She knew the shapes and colors on the test. She uses her left hand and write perfectfullt with her index and thumb. She only knows how to write her first name.
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Testing and Interpretation Project By: done EEX 3326 Feb 11, 2014 Demographic Information Child Name The child serving as participant in this project will be called Alisha. This is a pseudonym that will be used for discussing the child while providing for her right to confidentiality. Alisha and her family have fully agreed to participating in all of the elements of the project. The project on Alisha has been undertaken with prior permission from her parents. Child Age Alisha is a three year old girl. Development Profile Alisha is currently three years old. She had started going to day care at the age of two, and is still enrolled in nursery school. She talks in phrases and has not yet developed continuous English speaking skills. Alisha cannot write though she likes scribbling on pieces of papers and drawings. Social Emotional Development Social Emotional Development for Alisha is the combination of the learning diplomacy as well as truthfulness towards interacting with individuals or various groups in a way that contributes in a positive manner to the members of the society. Her social interaction is high and she likes playing with her classmates and takes part in various children activities that are organized by her society. The social aspects in this case relates specifically towards the interaction with various people. The emotional aspect primarily relates to the understanding as well as control of the internal emotions. Alisha being small understands when to smile and there are things that fret her. Social emotional development mainly relates to the facts through which the toddlers understand the emotions and reacts to them differently. Physical Development Alisha being a three year old child has undergone tremendous physical development and is growing typically for a child of her age. Alisha can walk steadily and participate in many games with her classmates and friends in school. Her parents describe her as a highly proactive child. For example…