Early Child Care Assignment

For this assignment. There is an article attached under “Journal Article 1”. Bascially read the Journal and Follow the Example Outine I have also attached under “Example of Journal Article Review and Scoring” and answer the questions. This assignment should not be less than 2 pages or more than 2 pages. Professor wants exact 2 pages and answering each questions thorougly or else I will get points deducted. Also how much will this cost? Document Preview:

Parent InvolvelDent in Preschool PrograDls for Children At Risk for AcadeDlic Failure Yash Bhagwa.nji, M.Ed. Jeanette A. McCoDum, Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Based on clXliiable records of 3$,057 pre.school-aged children enrolled in the Illinois Prekindergarten Program dUrln:l FY 1994-1995. this study examined the association between demographic factors and familil~’ inoolvement in their children’s education. Results Indicated that poor parents, sIngle parents, and parents who primarily spoke a non-English language at home participated significantly less in most of the involvement opportunities auai/able. Implications for practice and further research am discussed. Parent involvment has been endorsed as a dren, parent involvement has now been in­ means toward Increasing preschool children’s corporated into .state and national program success in school and later in life (Bronfen­ (e.g., D1inois State Board of Educa­ policies brenner. 1979; DEC Task Force on Recom­ tion, 1995; Individuals with Disabilities Edu­ mended Practices, 1993; National Commis­ cation Act or IDEA; National Education Goals sion on Excellence in Educajon. 1983). Panel. 1995). The benefits of parent involve­ Parent involvement could be defined as “the ment are thought to be (a) better child out­ degree to which a parent is committed to his comes would be achieved with less cost to the or her role as a parent and to th!! fostering of programs; (b) better parent outcomes would optimal child development” iGrolnick & be achieved, as well as increased competence Slowiaczek. 1994, p. 238). Be<:ause serious in caregiving; and (c) better parent-profes­ concerns have been raised abot;t many par­ sional alliances would be forged that would ents’ abilities to provide adeqUilte develop­ lead to positive perceptions and emotional ex­ periences toWrd school by the child (Grolnick mental and educational nurtura nee to chil­ Inf…,t-Toddler !nt_lion. The…

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