Dvorak Vocal works and the studies of singing

requirement: 1. imitate the exemplar WA4 to write, 2. Do not use very complicated language and syntax style. 3. the writer needs to research the BOOK as ACADEMIC SOURCES. Also, you need to tell us how you and where you find the BOOK, and what type of the source you have (pdf or print?), (we do not want GOOGLE SCHOLAR). Yes- you can use Long Island University’s library account and database. Yes- you should find the (BOOK )academic source through the professional website. If there is needed to pay for THE BOOK, please tell, and the client needs to have the paid BOOK (the source must be worthy to let the client pay). 4. the writer needs to find out a good POINT OF VIEW based on the academic source – that is the essence of the paper. We do not accept the source written more than 90 years ago OR unknown author/credibility 5. the client has provided the pictures [source] to you, ok, the source IS NOT enough to let you write for 8 pages. PLEASE ANALYZE THE PROVIDED SOURCE as well as ADD your new things [point of view with evidence based on the BOOK You Find Out] (as I said in above – NO.3 and 4) 6. YOU HAVE TO ANALYZE MUSIC SCORES!!! MUSIC NOTES!! the writer must be good at MUSIC! GIVE IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS OF MUSIC SCORES!!! 7. I do not need COVER PAGE. 8. everything be specific and clarified in order to avoid revision we will keep in touch in the future Preferred language style US English

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