Dressage Industry Sector Report

 Intended Learning Outcomes Assessed

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the structure of the UK horse industry and its stakeholders and a fundamental knowledge of how this may differ from International systems.

2. Outline the main sectors and major governing organizations within the industry and demonstrate an awareness of how these contribute to the industry as a whole. – Assessment Details (background for assessment and any tasks required) The UK equine industry is diverse and often fragmented. Understanding how different organisations and businesses within the industry link and operate is important for appreciating the potential of the industry, and informative for career choices. You are to prepare a 2000 word report on a selected sector of the industry. This could be: – A sporting discipline – e.g. showjumping, National Hunt racing – A horse business type – e.g. riding schools, TB studs – An ancillary business – e.g. farriery, feed suppliers Your report needs to include (marks weighting):

1. An overview of the sector in terms of: (20) scope (e.g. range of business types, geographical spread), size (e.g. number of business, value of output; trends over time), impact or influence on the industry as a whole 2. The role and influence of ONE governing or representative body (15) 3. The impact of ONE piece of legislation that specifically or directly applies to the sector (10) 4. Comparison of the sector with that in a different country (10) 5. Critique of TWO current issues impacting the sector (the impact may be positive or negative) and how it should respond to them (15) 6. Conclusions regarding the future for the sector 

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