DQR200 Statistical Project: Can you buy happiness – statistical study with excel sheet

You will need to conduct a statistical study following the Basic Steps in a Statistical Study (Basics of Statistics PowerPoint) and the Guidelines for a Statistical Study (Statistical Studies PowerPoint). The paper should be at least 5 pages in length of text (APA Formatting) including all data sets, tables, graphs and charts you created from the data sets you collected (your paper should be significantly longer than 5 pages with graphs, tables, and charts). You will need to apply as many of the statistical concepts we learned in class. You will be graded (primarily) on how many specific learning outcomes you discuss and apply to your statistical study that we have been discussing in class. I will not focus on spelling, punctuation or grammar (as much). Remember: Each project is very different! You will not be able to apply every learning objective we discussed. You will need to apply and discuss as many as possible! What to do: Pick a topic that you would like to learn about (current event in news). Define a population you will study and the parameters you want to learn about. Come up with a 6 question survey that you will hand out to a sample of 40 people to collect the data results (view question guidelines below for the project and homework assignment 2). Enter the data into Excel and analyze the data by constructing all tables, graphs and charts, and summary measures you learned from chapter 1 through 4. You will then need to write up your statistical study and include all tables, graphs and charts, and summary measures that you calculated or created.

Specific Directions:

1. You will need to conduct a statistical study in which you will need to define a population and determine what you wish to study about the population. (Topic from a current event in the news)

2. You will then need to collect data from a sample taken from the population (you will need multiple quantitative and qualitative data sets)

3. Create all possible tables, graphs and charts for your data sets and calculate as many summary measures that apply based on what we learned from chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4.

4. Write up your statistical study (at least 5 pages text, then include all tables, charts, graphs,…) Data Sets: You will need to collect 6 data sets in total. Two should be pertaining to what you are trying to learn about your population. You then need an additional 2 quantitative and 2 qualitative data sets that influence how your sample answered your first 2 questions. – Minimum 3 quantitative data sets (2 continuous raw data sets, one discrete data set (may be binned)) – Minimum 2 qualitative data sets (must have more than 2 outcomes for variable). Additional qualitative data sets may have only 2 outcomes for variable. Your paper should apply and discuss as many of the following as possible: Populations, Parameters, Statistics, Samples, Type of Sampling Procedure, any Potential Selection/Participation Biases, Type of Study, Treatment/Control Groups, Placebo’s, Placebo Effect, Blinding, Frequency/Relative/Cumulative Frequency Tables, Quantitative/Qualitative Data, Graphs, Charts, Correlation, Scatter Plots, Measures of Center, Symmetry/Skewed, Measures of Variation, 5 Number Summary, Z-scores, Percentiles, Statistic Significance, Confidence Intervals, Percents/Probability

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