“Don’t Make English Official” by Dennis Baron

 Description of Assignment The Summary Response essay is just what the title says. It is the summary of an article and your response to the article’s arguments. In order to write this assignment, you will first have to understand the argument or points that the article’s writer makes. Your summary of the article will reflect your complete understanding of it, whereas, the response will be a piece by piece analysis of the writer’s arguments. In both these activities, you will have to show a good comprehension of the article in hand, as well as show your own views regarding the ideas posed by the writer. Requirements (either Smith, Leonard, or Penrod). Choose an article that you identify with the most and one that you have a significant knowledge of. The summary will be approximately 300 words long, and you should develop it over time with rewrites. It should contain a few quotes from the primary article and must not contain any of your views, i.e the summary should be unbiased. Refer to the “How to Write Summary” handout when working on your summary. You will save your opinions for the response. Use the skills you learned in the belief/doubt game and make three distinct points to respond to the article. You will not make these points in the form of bullets or numbers (in the final draft), but they will be obvious from the way you write and your paragraph formation. When you make your three points, make sure that at least one point believes the writer, and one point doubts him. The third point can be either believe or doubt, which would show that you lean on one side of the argument rather than on the fence. You might need to look at outside sources to support your claims. Be prepared for your ideas to change and grow with research you do. You are required to use at least two outside and scholarly sources for this essay.

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