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Data analysis

The real wage trend showed that 99% of the wages of the average workers are stagnating (Ellmer & Rachael, 2018). This is a suggestion that there is a probable raising living standard. The evidence is that the wage growth has stagnated particularly among the low-income earners. Particularly, the analysis of the summary is an indication that the low overall wages are rising. This is an indication that the workers of the United States of America have been grappling with stagnation of wages for several years. In other words, it is an indication that an employee of the factory is not satisfied with the pay that she is being given. This is visible when he hears that the competitor in the time is offering relatively higher wages. In times like this, he may end up switching employers.

The data also shows that there an increment between the productivity gap of the typical worker’s compensation as well as the actual productivity(Berber & Slavic, 2018). This is particularly shown between the hourly compensation growth as well as the productivity of the year this undertaking; the net productivity is the equivalent of the total output of the goods concerning the services minus depreciation per hour that is worked.

The statistics indicated that more than 77 countries including the United States have an average income of the 64,000 USD. The average income is arrived at by determining the gross national income by the total population. The gross national income is arrived at by the total of the gross domestic product and the gross net product. It refers to the income earned by the citizens of the nation as well as the companies. Gross national income is also arrived at by determining and addition of the income of the citizens earned abroad. The income that is remitted by the foreigners that are living in the country is subtracted

The data also showed that some nations pay their workers heavily. This is a suggestion that every nation has its own culture, industry, language, and policies as well as preferences. This is chosen specifically among the list when an individual looks forward to earn outstanding salaries. Canada is one of the nations that are highly covered with urban cities. Besides, a larger percentage of the employees are residing in urban areas. The data also indicated that the nation of Belgium has the leading standards of living. This includes the terms of healthcare as well as education. The data also indicates that the nation of Iceland has a population of 250 000. For this reason, it is a less populated nation in the continent of Europe. The data also suggested that the United Kingdom is the best nation to lie in around the world and also be employed in. However, the experts are warning of the Brexit and there are capabilities that the nation may drop after living the European Union. The United Kingdom is among the leading ten countries around the world that pays its workers heavily.

The statistics also show that not all difficult jobs require higher pay. the data shows that if the job is difficult in terms of the physical activity offered and requires a lot of manuals in executing it our requires time consumption, then it doesn’t need much pay. This is visibly evident in the employees of lower cadre who work more than the supervisors but eventually earn low than their supervisors (Berber & Slavic, 2018).

The data showed that in the United States of America, the highest paying jobs pay over 190, 000 USD dollars and it is not majorly in technical fields. Some of the highest-paying fields are the physicians, the dentists; the pharmacists, the managers of the pharmacies; the counsel cooperates as well as the architecture of the cooperates. Additional highest paying jobs are the engineers of the software as well as the assistant physicians.

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