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Demand and Capacity

Demand and capacity as it relates to critical infrastructure changes constantly. For example, a waste water plant that was built 25 years ago had the capacity of 250,000 gallons a day, with a demand of only 100,000 gallons. Today, that same plant has a new demand of 350,000 gallons a day, which exceeds its capacity. Research and explain another example of demand exceeding the capacity of a critical infrastructure and list at least two problems associated with planning and preparedness as a result of this.

Cyber Terrorism

Give an example of how an enemy state, non-state actor, terrorist group, or lone wolf terrorist could use a cyber-attack to threaten our nation’s critical infrastructure. Identify a critical infrastructure and list at least three of the impacts to the surrounding community if this critical infrastructure was compromised or shut down for a period of 24 hours?


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