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This week’s Discussion Question:

Respond to the following questions:

  • How might you tell if a member of your team is the right person on the bus?
  • How would you distinguish between someone being the wrong person versus being in the wrong role?

With that in mind:

Respond to at least two colleagues with additional insight.

(Note: You do not need to respond to the discussion questions, it is included for your reference so you are aware of what questions the students are replying to) I posted two of my colleague’s responses to the discussion question above, please respond to their posts. You may begin the response with Hi Danielle and Hi Krystn) (I need at least a half page response for each person) Please include references and provide the url link to all journal articles you use as references. Use current (meaning within the past 2 years) scholarly journal articles as references. Please use APA 6th edition format. Thanks)

Danielle’s Response:

How you can tell if they right person is on the bus is by their ambitions and their goals in life. they might lead you the right way, but may decide this is not the path for them. The right person would know how to lead the way but can use the resources they have provided to lead the way and acknowledge that they may not know how to get there the can figure out how to drive the situations. The leader by be able to tell which people should stay on the bus and which should get off the bus which would determine who is not right for the job. How you can tell if the person is the wrong person vs being the wrong role is that they have the ambition to continue even though it gets hard. they may also join the same bus because they are following someone else on the same path and may decide to join a different path later on. It is important to have a big variety of candidates to choose from to be able to decide who would be the right person to drive the bus.

Krystn’s Response:

How might you tell if a member of your team is the right person on the bus?

To tell if the right person in on the bus, I would first start with clarifying the expectations of being on the bus. Does everyone know what it means to be the right person on the bus? Does everyone know the priorities of the organization ? Have you reviewed the job descriptions to ensure they fit the role? If this has been done, then use feedback and goal setting to see if they are accomplishing goals and tasks. Hiring new people is time-consuming and costly. Many times, I have seen that employees need coaching and practice, so put a training program in place. In fundraising, the number don’t lie and if milestones don’t get achieved then there needs to be a plan put into place to achieve the goals and monitor employee progress. If there is no progress or willingness, then a HR plan needs to be established with a team.

How would you distinguish between someone being the wrong person versus being in the wrong role?

If you are at this question in the employment of this person, then I would start with the employee. I would be honest and to the point with all concerns and let them respond. As a good employer, you would need to provide specific examples of why they didn’t hit the mark and why they should have hit the mark. I have seen good people in the wrong role and they are actually relieved to have these discussions. If you see value in the person and their skill set, then it would be good to find another role for them, if there is one. If not and you still see them in the wrong role, then it’s time to move them out of the organization in a professional and respectful manner.

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