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Highsmith: Chapters 9 and 10

Goodpasture: Chapter 12

Discussion Forum #4 (5 Points): Empirical Agile Methods and Practices

Assignment for Discussion Forum #4:

This week we are going to dig into some difficult, but very practical implications of trying to scale AGILE project management to apply to larger scale projects.

Questions to be answered for this week’s Discussion Forum #4:

1. Based on the readings for this week, what do you see as the Key Challenges / Issues in Scaling Agile Project Teams?

2. Many people argue that Agile PM methodologies effectively only apply to smaller projects in areas like software development or research. Do you agree or disagree? Defend your answer.


Title: Project Management the Agile Way: Making It Work in the Enterprise

Author: John C. Goodpasture,

PMP Publisher: J. Ross Publishing Year Published: 2019 Edition: 2nd Edition ISBN: 10: or 13: 9781604271157

Title: Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products

Author: Jim Highsmith

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional Year Published: 2010 Edition: 2nd Edition ISBN: 10: 0321658396 or 13: 9780321658395

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