Discuss your results with comparison of selected articles.

NOW THE DOCTOR ASK TO ANSWER Four Q down according to the subject of the research topic that written up

According to the introduction of intersting medical topics . Help me to answer the 4 questione down as the formal fo public helath resash should be done

Week 12 Assignment

Dear PHC 215 Students,

kindly answer the following questions in word document, The course we are studt about health care Research ( The topics i have choose is VITAMINE ( D) Insufficiensy in week 5 have submited the introduction.

The research is:
High prevalence of vitamin D deficiency among healthy Saudi Arabian And clinical practice guideline on the role of vitamin D ,calcium and exercise in fracture prevention in elderly by Saudi MOH

Vitamin D insufficiency and/or deficiency has now reached epidemic proportions and has been linked to low bone mineral density (BMD), some lifestyle factors, and obesity in adults. This relationship is not well documented in Saudi Arabian men. This study examines the relationship between vitamin D status, intact parathyroid hormone (intact PTH), and lifestyle factors among Saudi Arabia
. Definition of vitamin D deficiency

For Week 12 25 points

Write your research questions.(1)

Methods for data collection.(2)

Design tables and figures for collected data.(3)

Discuss your results with comparison of selected articles.(4)

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