Discuss Tia’s physical, mental and emotional issues or needs.

Tia is Maori, and has been the victim of domestic violence. She has contacted a women’s shelter and is seeking assistance for herself and her three young children. Tia has experienced severe psychological and physical abuse over the last eight years, so has severe post-traumatic stress symptoms, such as sleeplessness, nervousness and vigilance, and she constantly relives traumatic experiences. Aria and Sam are providing support and care to Tia and her children, which includes meeting Tia’s basic needs, providing counselling and referring her for medical assistance, and arranging legal support. Tia’s partner is also Maori, and Tia says his family background explains a lot of his behaviour. She excuses much of the violence because of the culture she grew up with. Tia’s culture, and her trauma, also affect the way she interacts with Aria and Sam. She does not comfortable making eye contact, and finds it difficult to interact with the staff and other clients.

Discuss Tia’s human rights, and how these relate to her human needs.

What frameworks, approaches and instruments might be available to Aria and Sam when working with Tia?

Discuss Tia’s physical, mental and emotional issues or needs.

What impact could discrimination, trauma, exclusion and negative attitudes have on Tia’s wellbeing?

Discuss Sam and Aria’s rights and responsibilities when providing care, and identify what would happen if these weren’t carried out.

What are Tia’s protective factors?

How can Sam and Aria ensure a workplace that is safe for Tia, her children and other clients, as well as themselves?

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