Discuss data to support the need for the activity, or that the problem exists

Identify an area from your clinical experience that needs improvement. Work with your clinical preceptor to identify a problem. Use a

Quality Improvement (systems thinking) framework to organize your presentation:
• Describe the problem – scope, history. (10%)
• Discuss data to support the need for the activity, or that the problem exists (10%)
• Explain the purpose and goals to improve/diminish the problem (15%)
• Discuss the roles of team members and team strategies to accomplish the goals (10%)
• Describe the activities/solutions selected to improve or diminish the problem. (15%) Support with information from research
• Discuss evidence (EBP) used to support the plan. (5%) review of literature
• Data about implementation strategies and activities. (5%)
• Data about outcomes if implemented during your practicum experience or expected outcome data if you did not implement the plan (10%).
• Lessons Learned – discuss what did or did not work and why (5%)
• Next Steps: How would you modify your plan or goals. (5%)
• Grammar, spelling, punctuation, APA documentation of references (10%)
• * Be sure to include the community and technology aspect into your improvement plan

Follows assignment guidelines. Clearly and thoroughly identifies problem or issue. Analyzes main and contributing causes. Has data to

support the problem exists with facts and figures. Sets realistic goals for improvement. within a specified time frame. Thorough review of

literature evident in analysis of problem and improvement plan.
Works with preceptor for identification and improvement of problem
Presents project in a clear and organized manner.

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