Diet analysis

 Description Instructions Please use the Intake Compared to DRI report for your 3 day period to find your average intake for the nutrients. Use the single nutrient reports to help you locate the foods which provided the largest amounts of each nutrient. Single Nutrient Reports to use: Folate Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Calcium Iron Sodium Include these attachments with your typed report. Please answer each question completely and accurately for full credit. Example: Calculate percentage of calories from protein ____60___gm. average protein intake (My Intakes Column) x 4 = _240______ calories from protein __240_____calories from protein divided by average calorie intake:___2256______ x 100 = ___10.6__________% of calories from protein Part I: Vitamins Folate: RDA____________________________ mcg (From My Needs column on the Intake Compared to DRI report) My average intake:____________________ mcg (From My Intakes column on the Intake Compared to DRI report) Was the RDA met? ____yes __ __ no What percentage of the RDA did you meet?________ Using the single nutrient report for folate, list the top 4 sources from your 3 day intake and mcg. in each: If your intake was 75% or less of the RDA, list foods high in folate and the mcg. in each which you like and could eat to meet the RDA:

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