Devaluation of the Dollar against the Yuan, and US Manufacturing

The paper should be no less than five pages and no more than six pages with double spacing and 12pt size font and not including data, graphs, tables, and charts. You may choose any real-world current or past event topic in international trade or international finance. I am looking for papers that are clear, concise, and organized. I suggest using headings for each section of your paper. First, introduce the reader to your topic providing background information. Second, introduce the reader to the concept or theories that you intend to apply to your topic. Explain the concepts or theories as if you were explaining it to a person with little or no economics background.

Third, apply the theory to your specific topic. Does it predict the actual outcome well? Does it fail? If so, why? Lastly, express your opinion. Is there something policy makers can do to improve welfare? How? You may choose any appropriate topic. The following are just suggestions to get you thinking of possible topics for your paper:“Trade with China and the Future of the U.S. Solar Panel Industry” “The Impact of the Increase in Vietnamese Coffee Production on World Coffee Prices” “Trade Policy and Sugar Imports in the U.S.”“Medical Tourism”“Russian or Canadian Oil Trade and Its Impact on the World Oil Market”“Do U.S. or European Cotton or Cattle Subsidies Hurt Developing Countries?” “Trade Patterns Between the EU or US and____________ in the ________ Industry.”“The Rise of the Chinese or Indian Automobile Industry and Its Threat to Detroit” “MERCOSUR and its Impact on South American Trade”“Intra-Industry Trade in the _______________ Sector”“Does the Krugman Model Explain Trade in the ____________ Industry?”“Testing Heckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson among ______________

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