Determine the accuracy of news

The idea for this essay came to me as I started to see people sharing news stories that were verifiably false–or, more likely–clearly an oversimplification of the actual story. But these sorts of news stories (and the way we respond to them) started me thinking: we get a huge portion of our “news” and information from sources that didn’t exist in our parents’ generation. They could read the newspaper, watch the news, hit the library, or talk to their neighbors. Doing those things was being information literate. Today, we have access to far more information. And we’re smarter for it. We can learn things our parents couldn’t have realized they didn’t know. But we also have access to a lot more incorrect information, and we pass it around. Before, the only way for information to be truly corrupted was in the process of passing it (the telephone game). Today, we can start with questionable information, and pass it around more quickly and to more people, exacerbating the problem. Take, for example, the belief that vaccines are unsafe (thanks, Jenny McCarthy), or the idea that the Affordable Care Act limits cancer care to those over 75 (thanks, Sarah Palin). In some portions of society, these ideas have taken hold, and become what Stephen Colbert would call “truthy”–if enough people believe it, it’s true. For Essay 3. you need to investigate one of these types of claims. If you have Facebook, and you have friends who post articles like these, start taking a look at those articles. If you don’t, you can still do this, just find a “news” website that acknowledges its political bias (The Drudge Report, for example, or Breitbart). On the other side of the aisle, possibly Alternet or Mother Jones. Find a single article that you think looks somewhat questionable, then identify the claims made in the article. Next, you can start asking questions about the claims, and propose the claim(s) you’d like to investigate in Essay 3. Your job in this essay is to determine whether or not the “news” or information presented in the “news” is accurate by doing research. Requirements: 3-4 pages, 1000 words, typed, double-spaced. Enough high quality, primary sources to answer the question “is this accurate?” All paraphrases/quotations cited in MLA format

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