Goal: From the first project, students created an assessment plan for an academic or administrative unit that included goals for the unit, criteria for success, the methods that will be used to evaluate the goals, and the plan for annual assessment. Difficulties arise, however, as units move from higher-level assessment plans to the development of the actual instruments to collect data on which the criteria for success can be evaluated. The following project builds on the assessment plan by preparing the instruments that will be used for evaluating achievement of the unit goals. This project also allows students to modify their assessment plan in response to feedback from the faculty member on the first project. The project also challenges students to insure that the assessment plan will produce meaningful information for assessment as well as how the assessment “loop” will be closed. Assignment: Students should revisit their assessment plans and review any comments from the faculty member provided in the first project. The assessment plan submitted for project #2 should incorporate any suggestions for modification. After revision, this project will provide the instruments that will be used to collect data for assessment. Instruments can include scoring guides or rubrics, sample test items, portfolios (and how they will be used for assessment), published tests or surveys, or other forms of assessment that will provide the data necessary to evaluate the unit goal. The project will also describe in detail how each assessment instrument will be conducted, when, and how the results will be used (and by whom). – review goals of a college/university (whichever you pick.) -create a assessment plan of how we can measure or see if the goals have been achieved – collecting data, how it will be collected you are actually developing an instrument based on those goals and HOW to assess it.

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