Describe the market research you will be conducting.

Our practice, ABC Pediatrics has experienced a 10% decrease in patient visits compared to last year. As administrator, you have done an analysis, and found that urgent care centers are having an impact on your number of patients. Rather than wait until the next morning, our patients are electing to be seen that evening in one of these urgent care locations. Specifically, Minute Clinic in CVS, Patient First* , and a competing practice (DEF Pediatrics) is offering evening hours, and have independent outside contracted physicians (not their own physicians refuse to work evenings! ) during evening (6pm to 10pm) hours, Monday through Friday. (*please research Patient First)

Your feel that ABC must offer evening hours (to be branded “Nighttime ABC”), and as a result are planning to present a marketing plan for the service to the physicians. The key difference of the service we will be offering, is that plans call for our own physicians to provide the evening coverage.

1. What are the objectives of the service/what do we wish hope to accomplish?

2.Describe the market research you will be conducting.

3.What market segment/target audience do we wish to serve?

4.What is our “positioning”, what makes our service unique in the market vs. our competitors ? (What will your competitor analysis show?)

5.Address the 4 P’s

-Price…. (how will we price the services)

-Place…… (where will the services be offered)

-Product….. (service) what exactly will we be offering

-Promotion….what unique ways will we promote our services, and to whom

How will we define success?

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