Describe health promotion and maintenance include smoking diet exercise,

11. What are the gender Health considerations 12. What is ventricular remodeling 13. What happens with LAD obstruction 14. What happens with left circumflex obstruction 15. What happens with RCA obstruction 16. What are non-modifiable risk factors 17. What are modifiable risk factors 18. What is the incidence and prevalence 19. Describe health promotion and maintenance include smoking diet exercise, etc 20. What is a patient and family education when it comes to self management 21. What is a complementary and alternative Therapies 22. How is metabolic syndrome managed 23. What are the risk factors 24. What are the things needed for the history 25. What are the presenting characteristics or signs and symptoms 26. What are the cultural considerations 27. What are the gender considerations 28. What are the differences between angina and myocardial infarction 29. What are the considerations for the elderly 30. What is assessed the blood pressure why 31. What is assessed for the respiratory rate why 32. What is assessed for pulses and why 33. Describe the psychosocial assessment 34. Describe the laboratory data 35. Describe the Imaging assessment 36. Why do a 12-lead EKG 37. What is an abnormal Q waves 38. What is an exercise stress test 39 What is a cardiac catheterization 40. What is the analysis 41. How do you manage the acute pain 42. What is the emergency care with a patient with chest discomfort 0
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