. Describe communication barriers and other challenges that contributed to the incident.

Discussion Week 7: Addressing Barriers to Effective Communication
From moment to moment a nurse leaders day involves communicationwith patients families colleagues supervisors and so on.
Think of a particular day you spent working in a health care environment and consider three or four distinct points in time. For each point of time consider the following: With whom did you interact? Which forms of communication did you use? What issues were communicated aboutdid they seem to be light-hearted or sensitive? Straightforward or complicated? How would you describe the pace of the interactions and your work?
As you consider these questions it becomes clear that communication can be quite complex with many layers of meaning that shape the experience for everyone involved. How could this awareness help you to understand instances of ineffective communication when they arise?
To prepare:
Post a summary of an incident involving ineffective communication. Describe communication barriers and other challenges that contributed to the incident. Propose one or more strategies that could have been employed to promote a better outcome. Be sure to refer to elements of the communication process.
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