Cultural and Spiritual Assessment Paper

Your Cultural and Spiritual Assessment Paper must be between 8 pages, excluding the title and reference pages, and must be written in current APA format. You are required to have a reference page, followed by an appendix showing CLAS standards (which you will refer to in the body of the paper), and have a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources written within the past 5 years. For the body of the paper, you will discuss your own cultural identity (White caucasian, Christian Baptist, Man ,form Texas state, ) and awareness and then choose 1 cultural or ethnic group unrelated to yourself ( Hispanic, Mexican, Female, from California, catholic religon,) .


Using the group you selected, you will discuss cultural and linguistic assessment relating to health care needs, including norms, rituals, food requirements, health benefits, and any religious orientations that may influence patient care. After addressing the specific cultural and linguistic health care needs, discuss the role of the nurse in applying the CLAS standards to patient care in general, followed by specifics for your chosen group. Make sure you address spiritual assessment, (including available assessment tools), the role of a nurse in spiritual assessment, and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) standards relating to spiritual assessment.

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