Critically analyse the response of a destination, or an attraction, to the key challenge(s) it faces. Following this, assess if this response needs to adapt.



Adopt a case-study approach and choose your own destination or attraction. All students must identify and introduce their case study / topic area. Very good students will fully justify this choice (explain why it was chosen) and identify what type of case study it is. Your information regarding the attraction / destination should be as up to date as possible.


You should also consider providing an overview of the ‘challenge(s)’ before considering how this challenge(s) is met by the destination (and the tourism suppliers associated with it) or the attraction. Very good students will analyse the effectiveness of this response and carefully consider if / how it needs to adapt in the future. These observations should be justified. Excellent student should try to offer a critical analysis of future issues when doing this.


The assignment should be written in a report format and include an introduction and conclusion. Information should be presented clearly. For very good students this information should be critiqued; this will represent a critical understanding of relevant research and a very good level of analysis.  For excellent students this critical analysis will demonstrate a comprehensive understanding and sophisticated evaluation of current research.

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