Criminal Justice: Courts-Prosecutor discretion

Each student will be required to write three (3) reaction essays.

These essays will be written in reaction to the content included in the annotated bibliographies. The reaction essays should reflect a careful consideration about what you think about what you have read and written in the annotated bibliography assignments. Upon completing the annotated bibliography, think about the following questions. These are suggestions and are not meant to be answered point-by-point. ● Why did you pick the specific topic to research? ● What were your reactions to the topic as a whole? ● Were there any significant findings that you found to be of interest? ● Did you find anything that contradicted what you learned somewhere else? ● Did you find anything that contradicted any preconceived opinions you had about the topic? ● Did you learn anything that supported readings you have done for other classes? ● What is the main thing that you took away from the readings overall? ● What questions did the readings raise for you, either about the topic or about other things related to the topic? Assignment Criteria: ● 1-2 pages in length ● Double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman ● Must be produced in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx format)

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