Course Reflection Journal

Description Instructions: You will submit a 300-word guided reflection journal entry on BlackBoard about each of the 9 topics below. Although the journal entries are not expected to be free of grammar mistakes, they should be coherent, well thought-out, written in first person and in full sentences. 1. Positive Emotions 2. Engagement 3. Relationships 4. Meaning 5. Accomplishment 6. Happiness and Physical Health 7. Global: Happiness around the World 8. Local: Happiness in the UAE 9. Measuring Happiness – Your Pre/Post Survey Results Questions: 1. What did you learn from this week’s lesson? 2. What questions or comments do you still have about this week’s lesson? 3. What happened to your thoughts and feelings after understanding what you learned or how did your peers and instructor influence your thoughts and behavior? 4. Where, if at all, did you get stuck or resist what was being taught and why? 5. What practice did you choose to work on this week and did you complete it? a. If not, why not and what was more important to do instead? b. If yes, what happened with your thoughts/emotions/behavior while completing your practice? Did anyone in your community notice a change? Will you continue this practice into the future?

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