Corporate Social Responsibility Report

 Choose one of the following options: Option 1: Research the corporate social responsible initiatives of an organization and prepare a brief report of about 400 words summarizing their socially responsible activities. Option 2: Research a Benefit Corporation or an organization with B Corp certification, and prepare a brief report of about 400 words on the organization. You can find relevant organizational news and events from: You must use and correctly cite at least two sources of information.  “Managing Business Ethics”. Read chapter 9 “Corporate Social Responsibility” Use the terminology of chapter 9 to complete this report. Grading criteria: 10 points – exceptional work; outstanding insight and/or analysis 9 points – very good work – reflects a high degree of learning and application of concepts 8 points – good work that meets expectations 7 points – work that meets expectations, but does not reflect much insight, analysis or evidence of concepts learned 6 points or less – below average work; incomplete work; work reflecting little understanding of concepts or a lack of effort

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