Content Analysis

Content Analysis PSYU 532 One method in doing a qualitative study is doing a content analysis. For this assignment, you are going to select a topic in which you want to measure. You are then going to develop a coding sheet. Once you have created a coding sheet, select a 30 to 60 minute television show, and use your coding sheet. Step 1 Select a topic for your content analysis. You can choose any topic you would like, but make sure that you can count multiple elements of that topic (examples of topics: violence, prosocial behavior, racial stereotyping, nutrition, portrayal of women, adult behavior, personification of animals, etc.). Choose the elements you plan to use and define each one. For example, look at the coding sheet provided as an example in the course shell. This coding sheet was developed to measure the Golden Rule. Note that there are multiple elements that describe positive and negative behaviors. You may not use the topic of Golden Rule for this assignment. Step 2 Create a coding sheet. The coding sheet should have a minimum of 5 elements that you plan to observe within the television show. Note that you can have more than 5 elements. Step 3 Once you have developed a coding sheet, decide what type of television show you plan to watch. Watch the television show and use your coding sheet to track the elements you have defined. Step 4 Write a reflection on what you learned about developing a coding sheet and collecting data using it. This should be a minimum of 200 words.

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