Contemporary Marketing

 Description Contemporary Marketing Group Assignment Instructions: Prepare a marketing report with marketing plan in which you should explain a few marketing concepts as well as the marketing planning process. Select an organisation and prepare a marketing plan with the following sections. Your report should in particular have: 1. 1x executive summary (circa 500 words excluding diagrams) 2. An introduction, explaining your selected organization and its strategic marketing process 3. A diagram of the marketing planning process in your organization. 4. Application of some of the marketing concepts (Product life cycle, Product Portfolio, Integrated Marketing Communication). 5. Illustrate the concepts of ‘brand pyramid’ and ‘brand management’, and how & why these concepts have been integrated in your organization. 6. A section in which you perform a PESTLE analysis 7. Review Porter’s 5 forces relevant to your organisation 8. A section with a SWOT analysis and a stakeholder analysis of your organisation 9. A section in which you should develop SMART strategic marketing objectives for the organisation 10. A section concerning the market segment. This section should: a. Discuss how market segments could be used for the organisation b. Select one or more market segment(s), justifying your decision. c. Propose and justify a brand positioning for the targeted market segment d. A section concerning the marketing mix. This section should analyse the significance of the marketing mix for the organisation and should contain a pricing, promotional and distribution strategy for its product(s) 11. A section concerning the social media marketing for your organization and should contain an e-business & e-marketing sketch for 2019 and 2020.

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