Conjugation Reactions (SPAAC) in vivo

SPAAC (Strain-promoted alkyne-azide cycloadditions) Find new (no old than 20 years) good articles that speaks about that topic. If articles can’t be accesses, please let me know and I’ll upload it if possible. Guidelines are listed below. Project Requirements Find a new or substantially improved reaction (< 20 years old) Write a report (≤ 5 pages) on the reaction, including background, reaction conditions, reaction mechanism, scope and limitations, and representative examples from the literature 


Report Guidelines The report should have the following headings: Introduction Present the general reaction type covered (including a generic scheme). Describe briefly why you chose this reaction. Background Describe briefly the reason for developing this reaction, what other alternatives can be used to obtain the products, and what makes this reaction particularly interesting. Reaction mechanism Describe (as much as is known) the mechanism of the reaction using structural drawings. Reaction conditions, scope and limitations Describe under what conditions the reaction can be carried out. Indicate the scope of starting materials can be used and what products can be obtained. List potential limitations of the reaction (specific conditions, challenging starting materials, etc.). Describe representative examples from the literature.

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