Conflict in the Workplace

Conflicts in the workplace are common. They exist in every organization and to a certain extent indicate a healthy exchange of ideas and creativity. Research studies have indicated that conflict is a doubled-edged sword, since it has several benefits, yet has the potential to cause severe problems in an organization. However, counter-productive conflict can result in employee dissatisfaction, reduced productivity, poor service to clients, absenteeism and increased employee turnover, increased work-related stress, or in the worst case scenario, litigation based on claims of harassment or a hostile work environment. As a supervisor, it is important to be able to identify and understand the varying levels of conflicts and how these levels are manifested in different ways. Each student must submit a paper discussing multiple types of conflicts in the workplace, reasons these conflicts may arise, and various methods that can be utilized to resolve such conflicts. The paper must meet the following guidelines: • At least one page in length (body of the paper must be at least one page); • No more than two pages in length; • Double-spaced; • Standard one inch margins on all sides; • Times New Roman / 12 point font; and • Correct spelling and grammar.

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