Concert Review 1

 The suggested events are the Faculty Artist Series concerts in January. Each of these presents styles and genres that are relevant to our course material. In the Spring 18 semester, Mrs. Snider plans to prepare you for your attendance, as well as attend the concert and be there to answer questions on site. You should take your notebook to take notes. The use of electronic devices(laptops, phones) is discouraged as the light from these devices is very distracting to attendees. Evening events are somewhat formal, try to dress appropriately, this will be discussed in class. Each review must include the following introductory information. Make sure the “who, what, when, where, how and why” are clearly articulated in each review: The title of the review can be as simple as “Concert Review #1” and should be centered. In the introductory paragraph, report the title of the recital, its location, date: “On Sunday, Nov. 12, I attended the guest recital of…….whatever….in Bryan Hall Theatre.” You can also relate the type and purpose of the recital: “This was a student recital performed to fulfill a requirement for the degree in music.” You will use the program pamphlet as a guide for each musical selection. As best as you can, relate how the piece starts and finishes, and report noticeable changes in the piece of music. Does it get faster, slower, louder, softer, etc. Also relate how the concert begins and ends. You are required to stay for the entire event, and most events do not take up the entire allotted time. Report the audience response at the end of the event. Was the audience receptive, happy, generous with applause? How many people attended? What was the mood of the performer throughout the performance? What kind of thoughts or emotions were inspired in you throughout the performance? Song—this is a piece of vocal music with words(text). Do not describe instrumental music, in which there is no vocalist, as a “song.” Use the words “piece” or “selection” so you don’t overuse the word “song.” Also, watch for “multi-movement works”—vocal music performed in “sets” or instrumental music performed in “movements.” Typically, audiences do not applaud until the end of the whole work. Avoid use of slang—words like “like” “morph” “vibe” “cool”. That is OK for talking to friends, but is not precise for academic/professional writing. Avoid references to Disney movies. FALSE/PLAGIARIZED REVIEWS: Students have tried to tell me about events that did not occur. Do not make up things, or try to describe events you did not witness. Students try to cheat by not staying for a whole concert, or just taking a program and making things up. It is not too hard to figure this out because the details are so vague and scant. do not present “fake news” concert reviews. There also occurs in each semester the work of “copy couples,” one of whom lets their friend borrow and then cut and paste a review. This is very obvious and constitutes an academic offense that could be punished by sanctions from the student conduct board. A false or plagiarized review will receive 0 points and possible referral to the Dean of Students conduct board.

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