Compose a Final Reflection on Knowledge of Leadership and Problem Solving Within Diverse Educational Org

Instructions For the final assignment of your program, use your webcam and NCUOne Video Note to prepare a reflection video that responds to all the following prompts: Part I Think back to the early courses of your MEd or MEd-EDL program. Which major problem in education interested you at that time? What were the proposed solutions scholars suggested then? What solutions did you suggest then? Did you work on that same problem in the Capstone course? Why or why not? It is fine if you did not. Part II Now consider your knowledge, skills, and attitudes as a researcher and writer. What changes have you seen in your research and writing abilities since the start of the program? Part III Imagine that you are being asked to advise a new MEd or MEd-EdL student about the skills an NCU graduate ought to possess.

Give the new student one example of how you would apply what you learned in this program to your chosen problem from Week 3 for only the program learning outcome that corresponds to your program. MEd: Investigate evidence-based solutions for addressing educational, organizational, and community issues. MEd-EdL: Facilitate effective educational leadership vision and integrity through strategic planning involving data-driven decision-making and evidence-based practice. Length: A 2 to 3-minute video note consisting of an on-camera presentation of oral responses to the prompts. Answers must correspond to MEd area of specialization or MEd-EdL. A 2 to 3-minute video note requires roughly 1-2 double-spaced pages of written text to read. Do not submit the text.

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