Complete the following table and evaluation

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Company Name: Walmart (WMT)

10-K Report:

Company Website:

Retail Industry: NAICS Code 452990:

Fill in the Below Information:

  1. Debt Utilization Ratios: Follow the formatting in the example below to present the data. ** There will be a single industry average for the debt and equity ratios. List all 3 industry average figures for the Time Interest Earned ratio.
  2. 20XX 20XX 20XX* Industry Averages**
    Debt Ratio (Total Liabilities / Total Assets)
    Equity Ratio (Total Equity / Total Assets)
    Times Interest Earned (EBIT / Interest Exp)

    *most recent years

  3. Evaluation: Interpret each of the ratios. Do you see any red flags? Does the company make greater use of debt financing or equity financing? Does the company have too much debt? How safely can the company cover its interest expense?

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