Comparative and International Policing,Introductory paragraph—every paper needs an introduction. In this paragraph, you should introduce the purpose of the paper (i.e., state your selected country or comparative topic) and provide the reader with an overv

Paper is about comparative and international policing in Austria.
Book to research and compare and include sources his: is Comparative and international policing, Justice, and transnational Crime

***Paper Requirements***

• You must use APA format!!!
• Concluding paragraph—do not abruptly end your paper once you complete the minimum
number of pages. Your conclusion should quickly review the major points highlighted in the
paper and leave the reader with closure.
• Appropriate references— you should always support your discussion with citations (e.g.,
course readings, academic journals, books, internet resources, etc.).
Students must have at least 15 references; eight of which should be peer reviewed academic publications (e.g., journal articles, book chapters, books)
• APA format is mandatory.
• The format of the paper should: (1) be double-spaced; (2) use Times Roman 12 point black
font; (3) have page numbers; (4) use proper grammar; (5) have a title page; (6) have an introduction and conclusion; (7) have proper in text citations (i.e., Shelley, 2008); (8) have a reference page; and (9) have 1-inch margins.
• A paper that deviates from these format requirements will receive a lower grade.

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