COMPANY ANALYSIS PROJECT: Implementation – Provide a plan for effective implementation of the recommended alternative.

This project will give students the opportunity to apply what they have learned in this and previous courses to the analysis and evaluation of an organization of their choice. Students will select an organization facing a current or impending strategic challenge. This challenge must be a situation that upper management will have an opportunity to act upon. Keep in mind, this project must address a major strategic issue, but this does not necessarily mean the organization is currently ‘in trouble’. Written Component The written component should be approximately 10 pages in length (not including Table of Contents, Executive Summary, and appendices), double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font.

The written component should include all of the following: Table of Contents and Executive Summary – Give a brief overview of the project. Include a prognosis for the organization’s future. (10 points possible) Background of the Company – Give a brief background of the company including relevant history. This should also include the structure and mission of the organization. (5) Company Research – Information about the company including, but not limited to, the following should be provided: (40) A. Value-added activities and value chain analysis B. Customer profile C. Competitive situation (include competitors, market info, etc.) D. External Analysis (environmental and economic factors, Five Forces, Market LifeCycle, opportunities/threats) E. Internal Analysis (competitive advantage, strengths/weaknesses) F. Analysis of current financial situation (financial ratios, graphs/charts displaying the current situation, opinion on the organization’s financial health) Situation Analysis – Give an in-depth analysis of the strategic issue you believe the company is facing. What is the issue? How did this situation develop? What response has the company had so far? (15) Alternatives – Provide at least three strategic alternatives the company could use to successfully navigate the situation in question based on the previous sections of the paper and pros/cons of each. These must impact the entire organization and be mutually exclusive. (15) Recommendations – Recommend which alternative should be pursued. This should include reasons based on previous portions of the paper or information from previous courses. Make sure this section stays consistent with prior sections. (10) Implementation – Provide a plan for effective implementation of the recommended alternative. This should include potential obstacles and how to overcome them. What changes will be required in the organization? What resources will be needed and how will these be allocated? How will success or failure be measured? (15) Contingency – How should the company respond to potential issues that could arise or if conditions change before the recommendations can be implemented? Additional Information (Points will be deducted if not effectively addressed): At least five outside sources (not including the textbook, company websites, or Wikipedia) must be used. All sources must be appropriately cited in the paper.

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