community assessment,environmental hazards of Howard Beach.

Write about the resources, needs and 5 potential environmental hazards of Howard Beach, NY zip code 11414. Describe the hazards and what can the nurse or resident do to eliminate the hazard. Thinking of things like air pollution because of the community is close by belt parkway expressway and south/north conduit boulevard. also, JFK airport is closeby and planes are always flying over the neighborhood, may be you can find information about a potential hazard from that. flooding is definitely one hazard as evidenced by hurricane sandy. there is a creek called spring creek park in the area as well that may have potential environmental hazard. one section of howard beach has alot of condominiums/apartment buildings, maybe there is a hazard from that. there is a place called federation of black cowboys but is now closed but it is being rented out and there are horses there . may be you can write about the potential hazard it has in terms of water contamination through animal wastes. those are just ideas i have. the paper needs 5 environmental hazards (potential/actual). please provide reference page of at least 3 sources. you can probably find info on website like EPA or census website. thank you

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