College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Introduction to Government, Policy, and Urban Studies.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Division of Social Sciences

HSR 150: Introduction to Government, Policy, and Urban Studies

This assignment is about the Human Development Report (HDR), which publishes statistical data on different aspects of human development.

Log on Familiarize yourself with the structure of the site by clicking on some links.
Click on the “Data” tab and then click on “Download all 2015 data by indicator, year and country” link. Open the document file you have just downloaded, and explore its contents. Identify the four categories of development: Very High Human Development; High Human Development; Medium Human Development; and Low Human Development, and consider the HDI ranking of countries in each of the four categories (from 1 to 188).
Locate the tabs at the bottom of the document, showing tables from Table 1 to Table 15. Find the following indicators in the corresponding Tables:

Table 1: Life expectancy at birth (years) 2104

Table 1: Mean Years of schooling (years) 2014

Table 1: Gross national income (GNI) per capita, (2011 PPP $) 2014

Table 5: Maternal mortality ratio, deaths per 100,000 live births, 2013

Table 5: Share of seats in parliament, % held by women, 2014

Table 8: Population: Average annual growth, %, (2010/2015)

Table 8: Population: Urban, % (2014)

Table 8: Population: Median age (years) 2015

Table 9: Mortality rates (per 1,000 live births) Under-five (2013)

Table 9: Physicians (per 10,000 people) 2001-2013

Table 9: Public heath expenditure (% of GDP) 2013

Table 10: Public expenditure on education (% of GDP) 2005-2014

Table 11: Research and development expenditure (% of GDP) 2005-2012

Table 14: Prison population (per 100,000 people) 2002-2013

You need to make sure that you understand what each of these indicators means and measures.

Choose five countries in Very High, High, Medium, and Low Human Development (20 countries total). Select seven indicators of those listed above. Provide a table in which you present the performance of the 20 countries you have chosen on the seven indicators you have selected. The table should be on a single page. Make sure that you group each five countries together under the Very high, High, Medium, and Low rankings, and order the countries in each group according their ranking. (5 points)

Carefully examine your table to evaluate the logic on which you have based your choice of countries and selection of indicators. Analyze the data included in your table, and try to understand the information it gives. Provide three significant observations or conclusions you have arrived at based on your analysis of the table. Discuss how each of your findings is relevant/important/interesting. In addition, discuss the implications of the observations and conclusion that you present. Try to link your thoughts with the knowledge you have acquired in HSR150. (5 points)

General Notes:

You are advised to get the opinion of the instructor on the selection of the countries and indicators before you start working on this assignment. You are also encouraged to consult with the instructor regarding any difficulties in the process of working on this assignment.
You are expected to put high-quality effort into this assignment, proportionate with the time allowed to work on it. Assignment reports that reflect shallow and/or careless performance will receive very low grades.
You need to show your own work, as the selection of countries, indicators, and discussion of conclusions should be unique to each student.
Answers must be computer-printed, and show serious effort and presentable organization.

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