Civic engagement activity

Based on your civic engagement project, reflect on moral theories when you engage in this project. For the final exam you should: 1) complete the civic engagement exercise; 2) engage in research on the general topic pertaining to this project; 3) provide data on the general topic; 4) provide a brief summary of what you did; and 5) reflect on this topic in light of at least 4 moral theories that were discussed in this class. o Make sure you relate your discussion to the topics, theories, and terminology in Johnson text. Failure to link your discussion to the course text will result in point deduction. o The research paper must be written in APA format

. Your sources must also be cited in APA format. Failure to follow APA format will result in point deduction. The paper must be double-spaced; font size must be 12-point Times New Roman, 7-10 pages of content. The title page and references will not count toward your 7-10 pages. For the paper of this length, it is appropriate to include an abstract. This abstract must be no longer than 150 words and fit in one paragraph. The abstract summarizes everything you discussed in the paper, including conclusions/evaluations and is the last thing you will write after the entire paper is finished. o The paper must contain references to at least 5 sources in addition to Johnson. Please refrain from using Wikipedia. In an academic paper, Wikipedia should never be used as a source.

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