Choose one of the topics below

answer each question. 4 pages long of information MLA style work cited
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For your project you are to choose from one of the topics that we have discussed in this course. 1. Leadership Traits and Ethics 2 Power, Politics, Networking, & Negotiation 3. Contingency Leadership 4. Communication, Coaching, and Conflict Skills 5. Leader-Follower Relations 6. Team Leadership & Self Managed Teams On the topic you choose you are required to research and present how that topic is addressed in the business world today. Your presentation must be framed in terms of the documented source material. You are expected to define the topic, highlight the history or background of the key issues surrounding the topic, then and provide examples of specific companies and how they handled this topic. Lastly you should include your own recommendations on how and issues should be addressed in the future. You must cite all your sources using MLA format (in-text and in a Works Cited section). Any plagiarism will result in an automatic grade of ZERO. 4 pages