Choose One (1) of these questions to answer: 1) Socialization & Gender: While parents…

Choose One (1) of these questions to answer:

1) Socialization & Gender: While parents unconsciously communicate gender norms, roles, etc. to children, they also do this directly. A) Review how parents do this; communicate, shape, etc. gender role expectations, etc. B) Do you think parents should, openly shape, manage, correct, etc. children’s gendered behaviors? Explain your answer.

2) Life Course:In the past, many followed a similar life course; from birth to school to independence, relationships, career, starting a family—more-or-less on schedule. Now it’s more common for young people to be at or return to home during or well after university. A) Describe your life course position and where you expect to be in a new few years. B) Consider your situation’s effect on how your process of ‘becoming an adult,’ becoming independent etc. Does it impact the degree to which you feel ‘like an adult’ (** You do not need to reveal overly personal details).

Purpose:To engage with answering questions based on our text and learn general university-level writing skills. For this assignment:

a) Begin with an opening paragraph; tell the reader what you’re doing to do.

b) Answer ONE question. Each has two parts—answer both.

c) Finish off with a concluding paragraph, highlighting an aspect of the material your found interesting, surprising, confusing, etc.

d) Include at least one properly referenced quote from our text. Use ASA ref style or the ref style of your major.

Format: 2-3 pages + title page +reference page. Double spaced; 12 pt Times Roman font; 1” margins. Include your name, course name, number, professor’s name, etc. Staple Your Assignment. Keep an electronic copy. Emailed assignments cannot be accepted.


1) Proper Formatting & referencing – 1 mark.

2) Introductory paragraph – 2 marks.

3) Answer to part A – 4 marks.

4) Answer to part B – 6 marks.
Concluding paragraph – 2 m