Chlamydia trachomatis.

 Requirements : Assignment: Develop a professional paper minimum 8 pages of text describing the identification of the pathogen, the organ systems affected by the pathogen, the laboratory identification of the pathogen, the clinical manifestations of the pathogen, the epidemiology and etiology of the pathogenic organism. Format of Paper: Double Space 12 pt font. Include a general introduction about the pathogen and the diseases it causes then break significant sections down into side heading based on the following bulleted items. Required Components for the paper: • Taxonomy of Pathogen • Diseases caused by Pathogen • Laboratory collection, analysis, identification of the pathogen • Morphological characteristics of pathogen • Describe the biochemical tests used to identify the pathogen when appropriate • What portal of entry permits entry into the host? • How does the pathogen attach to the host tissues or cells? • How does the pathogen survive and or defeat host defenses? • Does the disease cause any damage to the host after the pathogen is destroyed? (sequelae) • What is the portal of exit? • What is the infectious dose, mortality rate, morbidity rate Identify the organs and organ systems impacted by this pathogen. How does the immune system respond to this pathogen? Does the white blood cell count rise? fall? which white blood cells are responding to this pathogen? Is the patient immune system compromised or overstimulated? Once the required components are met then the diseases, treatment, clinical symptoms, and more general points of inerest can be covered for the remainder of the paper. Citations and Research: APA citation is required, with in-text citations and references page. Primary website: Center for Disease Control Minimum of 8 references with four peer review journals required. Utilize your textbook as one resource. Link to textbook:

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