China’s Communist Party Turns To Confucius,Are Confucius’s ideas still relevant? In order to answer this question, we must first try to understand what those ideas were. But prior to looking at some introductory materials, do note that Confucianism has be

Required Materials: Use these materials for the paper(sources) https:// Selects from the Confucian Analects: On Confucius as a Teacher & Person Selects from the Confucian Analects: On Filial Piety and Humaneness For your discussion, first view a video about Confucius put together by Dr. Bryan W. Van Norden, a professor of Chinese Philosophy. Following, review the “Selections from the Confucian Analects: On Filial Piety and Humaneness” you have already read, as well as the additional selection here. Throughout China’s imperial era, Confucius was often cited by scholarofficials as support for their arguments – regarding, for instance, how a person should handle a problem with a personal relationship or what kind of policies the emperor should adopt. Answer the below questions: Select at least three passages from Confucius, explain what you think they mean. Why Confucius was propounding these ideas in his own time, and explain why they might still be relevant today? If you don’t think any are relevant, then choose three and explain why they aren’t relevant. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use our primary source documents for Confucius. Although many websites contain good translations of the Analects, others will misguide you into believing Confucius said things he didn’t. Write a full page, no names, dates or institution.

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