chemistry lab report

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I uploaded the assignment its online everything you need will be in the pdf

The three lines in the project3 attachment diagrams The lowest one is the 24 hr, then 12 hr then the highest one is the 0 hour.

For question 4: you need to use the 0.2 mg HBT/250 ml spectrum. Make a table for their corresponding absorbance value at 0,12,24 hours. Then calculate their vitamin C concentration. You know at 0 hr the concentration is 1250mg/250 ml. So determine the ?mg/250 ml for both 12 hr and 24 hour. For this you can use this equation A1/C1=A2/C2. Plug in values in all except C2 (thats what you want to determine, e,g C2=C for T12 or T24). Then plot these values in ms excel. C vs Time. You will get the linear equation y=mx+c. Y would be 60mg/250ml, X would be the t you need to determine.

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