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The tasks should follow the Australian background not Any background so please make sure all even the one you submit to me before too. for reference of laws and ethical detail please go through the Australian laws like child protection family law etc. don’t use any other please. please refer AASW code of ethics and practice standards too. use APA reference 6.
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Case Scenario for SWN006 Assessment Item 2 Angelica and her children The following scenario is a derivative of one that is used across various units in the Masters of Social Work. Note that some differences exist between this version of the scenario and other versions you may be presented with in other units. So read carefully! In this unit the focus is on you building your knowledge and skills in respect of the legal, ethical and organisational aspects of social work practice. The case scenario of Angelica and her children is outlined below. Following the base scenario, three sets of additional information are progressively provided together with a series of questions for you to answer. The case of Angelica and her children Mother – Angelica is 34 years old. Her children are: Mohamed (known as Mo) – boy, died eighteen months ago at age 15 years Halima– girl, 16 years old Omar – boy, 13 years old Profile Angelica and the children are refugees from Somalia. They came to Australian via a settlement program about 10 years ago. They have no religious affiliations and no accessible extended family in Australia. Background The family consists of Angelica and her two surviving children Halima and Omar. Mohamed died in Australia about 18 months ago following a tragic car accident. The father of the three children was killed in Somalia by militants about 12 years ago. After the death of her husband, village life for Angelica was very difficulty and dangerous. Her home area was under the control of a strictly conservative militia. Money was very short. She recalls many times when her family had nothing to eat because she was too scared to leave home and go to the market where she sold vegetables from her garden to make a living. Her children contracted diarrhoea because they had to drink contaminated water from a local creek. Times were very hard and she remembers going without food so her children could get enough to eat. She survived due to humanitarian aid…